Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why is it that Muslims must not be offended but it's okay to Offend Christians?

I'm an atheist, but atheists don't operate in lockstep any more than all Christians do, or all Americans do, etc. etc.

I don't mind the Ten Commandments being in front of a judicial building, and I don't mind a creche being in front of a government building during Christmas.  What harm does that do to anyone?

But as Rush pointed out today and is quite apparent...things are different when we're talking about minorities and their religion. Specifically Muslims.

Muslim taxi drivers don't have to give rides to blind people with guide dogs for example. (Muslims find dogs to be dirty). Muslims have special places in airports and bus terminals where they can wash their feet three times a day.

(On the other hand, apparently there are pharmacies where Christian counter reps don't get fired if they refuse to do their job and give birth control pills to people with prescriptions for them...and they deserve to be. If you can't do a part of your job because of your religious beliefs - then you shouldn't be in that job.)

But as Rush said:
His point was, before his Samsung battery died... Ahem! Before his cell phone battery died, his point was, "You can mock Christians and you can make fun of 'em all day long, and the same people who are acting outraged over this stupid YouTube thing are the ones who do it. They're the ones who mock Christians. They take every Christian sign out of public display. The nativity scene and the Christmas tree are under assault, or have been, and yet you don't see Christians reacting as mobs using violence.
But somehow when other religions do, we've gotta stop and understand it, and we gotta explain to them, "Well, you have to understand that we have some real kooks in our country but we have this thing called the Constitution. We agree with you. If we could find a way to shut 'em up and put 'em in jail and torture 'em, we would, but we can't. (Yet.) I'll have a little bit more flexibility on this after my election.
"Just like I told Medvedev to tell Vlad: 'You know, hang in there with me. I'll have a little bit more flexibility in de-nuking America after I win the election. Just have him be patient.' The same with these kooks. Once I win reelection, I'll be able to do something about these clowns and their videos and these preachers. But right now, we have this Constitution. You've just gotta understand that we can't behead people yet."

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