Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is It Any Wonder AMericans are So Dumb?

Leave aside the TV shows themselves - the reality shows featuring people scheming to get ahead, shows like Breaking Bad which makes heroes out of drug dealers!, etc., more egregious than those are the commercials that you can never get away from no matter what you watch.

I think there's like 1 intelligent commercial for every 99 commercials that are utter, utter garbage.

I've blogged about this before...although perhaps at my Devolution Media blog rather than here...

For example, there are the "family" commercials - where there is invariably a dumb dad, a tolerant mom, and two kids, a boy and a girl, and no matter how young they are, they all know everything and look at their parents with tolerant disdain.

Then there are the commercials aimed at men, with a bunch of young guys acting like idiots. The Cheetohs commercials come to mind, with the offensive puppet Cheetah who encourages guys to bad behavior.

And the only time you see a group of young women together is when they're trying to lose weight, or trying to find a boyfriend.

And if it's a man and a woman - boyfriend/girlfriend type of thing, the girl is inevitably bossy and telling the guy what to do, and the guy has a beaten down look and is usually pretty stupid, to boot.

And I've just seen a commercial for Conan O'Brien 0 I cannot believe that guy is still on the air.

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