Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did you watch Obama on Letterman?

RUSH: Obama last night on The Late Show with Letterman. I still... With all this going on, the Middle East in flames and our ambassador's dead, there's Obama yukking it up. He's talking about how much he weighs and he's talking about all that. It's really not presidential at all. It's Celebrity of the United States-type stuff, not president. Anyway, Letterman said, "Our ambassador and three others were killed in an attack on the consulate in Benghazi. Is that an act of war, Mr. President? Are we at war now? What happens here?"

OBAMA: Here's what happened. Eh, eh... Y-y-you had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who -- who is an extremely offensive --

OBAMA: -- video directed at -- at Mohammed and Islam, making fun of the Prophet Mohammed. This caused great offence, uh, in much of the much of the Muslim world.

And, by the way, the Los Angeles Times has a story today or yesterday. I kid you not on this. There's a story, and I'm pretty sure it was the LA Times, that some experts are saying: You know, maybe this ought not be free speech to criticize a religion. It was the LA Times. Okay. They say maybe it ought not be free speech. I'm telling you, folks, we are headed in a totalitarian direction. We are headed there. No, it wasn't Obama. It wasn't regime people. It was academics, expert academics, some think tank or some university somewhere.

They said (summarized), "Maybe criticizing religion really ought not be considered free speech. If this is going to be the result, perhaps we should have limits on criticizing Islam." Now, here's Letterman asking, "Is this an act of war?" Remember, when he went out and addressed the nation after the death of the ambassador? When he finished, the first question from a reporter was, "Mr. President, is this an act of war?" And he turned his back on the press corps and walked out.

He wouldn't answer his friends in the press corps, but he goes on a late-night comedy show, and on a late-night comedy show with an absolutely vacant David Letterman... There's so much air in that head that it's impossible to measure. I'm telling you, he's a genuine ignoramus. Funny guy, but a genuine ignoramus. And that's where Obama goes to answer the question, a late-night comedy show.

I'd say if any religion needs to be criticized, it's ISLAM.

These individuals need to be sat down and talked to. Why do innocent folks have to die because someone they're not even connected to does a film "insulting" Mohammed. And aren't you insulting him even more (this being a religion of peace and all) by murdering innocent people with your bombs?

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