Monday, September 10, 2012

Why give polls any credence?

It always annoys me to see polls reported in the media as if they reflect what a majority of Americans think. They don't. They reflect what 1,000 people think!

But because they are reported as if they are fact, people who are "skimmers" rather than readers of articles all the way through, get entirely the wrong impression. They see the headlines reported by a major news source, think, "Oh, wow," and never bother to read that final paragraph that says: "We talked to 1,000 people and have extrapolated what over 100,000,000 people think based on that."  Ridiculous.

1 comment:

  1. Do not believe any poll out there!

    Right up until the moment of Reagan’s landslide win in 1980, polls and pundits alike had Carter ahead and winning -- this is the pundits’ busy season. And they have a vested interest in pretending this race stays close even if it’s not. The demand for commercial air time keeps the price high and lines pockets.

    And do not accept any spin on this election. The “mainstream” media cannot be trusted. Today in America, the Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column. They have a dog in this fight -- a dog they helped elect in 2008 -- their Journ“O”List proof of that. That dog is now cornered by his own four-year record of miserable failures. The result? We see vicious lies and personal attacks coming from a narcissist who will do or say ANYTHING to keep his power. Recognize that.

    An animal, political or otherwise, is most dangerous when cornered.