Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 Sep 2012, Wed, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--The Last Three-and-a-Half Years (Plus Four Days) Put in Perspective
--We Didn't Need a Tape from 1998 to Tell Us Barack Obama is a Socialist!
--Media and Democrats React to Me
--Defeatist GOP Elites Quit on Mitt
--Romney Defends on Cavuto Show
--The Peanut Doesn't Fall Far...
--Intelligence Briefing: Celebrity of the United States Lies About Libya on Letterman
--Romney Voter: I'm in the 47%
--Caller's Career Ended in Obamaville
Stack of Stuff
\ --AP Poll Oversampled Dems by 13%
--The Question Romney Answered in Fundraiser Video
--Muslim Rips Bible, Christians to Riot, Right?

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