Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 Sep 2012, Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Democrats Struggle with Question: Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?
--Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Routine Reverberates Because It was So Effective
--How Many Morons are There?
--Michelle O Speech Preview: Are You Eating Better Than You Were Four Years Ago?
--GOP Video Demonstrates Emptiness of Obama's Words
-- Democrats Can't Make a Case for Obama
--If Obama Can't Fill Bank of America Stadium, We'll Say: You Didn't Fill That!
--The Democrat Convention is Already a Mess
--Study: Organic Food Isn't Better for You
--Obama's Dog Whistle: GOP Convention Should've Been on Black-and-White TV
--Bill Clinton on Obama: "A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Carrying Our Bags"
--Obama Grades Himself "Incomplete," But the New York Times Reports He's Cocky and Thinks He's a Great President
--California Dem Compares Ryan to Goebbels
--The Democrat War on God

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