Monday, September 17, 2012

Campaigning vs Running the Country

I don't think President Obama has spent one full week in the White House in the last several months. He's always out campaigning... even when our Ambassador in Libya was murdered he just said, in essence, "Oh, that's too bad," and then set off on his next campaign stop.

It's interesting to read the Hannity Forums (the message boards of the Sean Hannity show.) They are populated by both Democrats and Republicans, and even though there are moderators there to whom one can report "incivility" - incivility is nevertheless rampant as they all make sarcastic comments to each other - although I must say Republican/Conservative posters do seem to do it the most...

But when Republicans/Conservatives criticized Obama for going off on a campaign jaunt minutes after he was informed of the murder of our ambassador to Libya. the Democrats were like, "Why shouldn't he go campaigning?"  "Why shouldn't he not attend security briefs - he can read them just fine," etc.

There's a vast divide between folks on whether the President and his socialist policies are good or bad...which is so puzzling as they're so obviously bad!

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