Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Screech and the Arm

I didn't mention it yesterday, but Rush talked about Obama and Hilary up on the platform and Obama puts his arm around Hilary's shoulders...then he said, "as far around as he could get" - implying that she was fat. Which was pretty stupid since of course Hilary is not fat.

Then today the headline is "

Another male chauvanist remark. Only women "screech" according to Rush.

Meanwhile, if  you've ever seen Rush in person, no one could get their arm entirely around Rush's shoulders either. It's so ironic, ol' Rush implying that someone is fat when he is fat, no implying about it.

But of course it's the old double standard. Guys can be as fat as they like, yet they have no qualms about telling women that they are too fat.

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