Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Trust the Polls...or Mainstream Media's Headlines

You do have to laugh. The media is going after Romney... Romney's Campaign in Disarray, Romney's Bitter Clinger moment, ya da ya da.... they're spending more time on Romney's "bitter clinger moment" if such it was - then they ever spent on Obama's bitter clinger moment!
RUSH: He's not redistributing his own money. He's redistributing yours. Now, when I said "technically," we're so much in debt that some of the dollars are the ChiComs,' and some dollars are borrowed from other people. But theoretically you're right on the money. Government wouldn't have a dime without taking it from somebody, and then you're exactly right, it's Obama and the Democrats who want credit for all the compassion. You know what the Obama slogan is? I've got the power to take what you've got. I've got the power to take what you've got. Vote for me. Of course, he doesn't say that to the people he's gonna be taking it from. He says a variation of that to the people he's going to be giving it to.

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, latest news, Iran has deployed a Russian-made submarine in the Gulf. These are Drudge headlines: "Iran Deploys Russian-made Submarine in the Gulf." "Chinese General: Prepare for Combat with Japan." "Libya is Warning of More Violence." Obama is heading to Letterman. And after Letterman, which tapes around five or 5:30, he's then off to a fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce and [Green] Ivy, the kid. So that's what it looks like out there today, Iran deploying Russian-made subs in the Gulf, Chinese general says to prepare for combat with Japan, Libya warns of more violence, and there's Obama on Letterman.

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