Tuesday, September 18, 2012

18 Sep 2012, Tues, Rush Limbaugh Headlines

Very late with posting today... sorry!

--A Golden Opportunity for Mitt Romney
--Mitt! Please Read and Memorize
--Don't Forget What Happened in 2010
--An October Surprise Sprung Early?
--Democrat Caller Converted by Reality
--Flashback: McCain's Praise for Obama
--Despite What the Media Tries to Tell You with Skewed Polls, You're in the Majority
--Our Objective is to Stop Obama
--Charles Murray Lifts Veil on the Ivy League
--Media: Democrats with Bylines
--Carney Spews a Load of BS
--What an Idiot! Biden Forgets That $250,000 a Year is Obama's Definition of Middle Class
--RIP, Steve Sabol

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