Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why do you think he was talking about you?

There are millions of people in this country on welfare. They've never worked, they never intend to work, they live off the government teat. That's obviously who Romney was talking about. Do those other people, who have worked all their lives paying into social security and now expect to reap the benefits, really think of themselves as the same as the leaches? Apparently one does. From a film board I read:
Following that, I will return here and do little but hang out. I'm now 66, on social security and Medicare, and definitely in the 47% that Mitt Romney looks on with scorn, although for the past 20 years every bit of that social security has been paid for by no employer but myself.
Well...since you've been self-employed for 20 years (and this guy made and makes a lot of money), you're not one of the 47% Romney was pointing at - the entitled folks who have never worked and yet demand subsidized housing, foodsteps, boots and coats for their 9 kids.

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