Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Them or us"

One thing the Republicans really dropped the ball on, I think, was allowing the media to say "Republicans want to stop immigration."

Republicans want to stop ILLEGAL immigration, but whenever you hear the media talk about or reference it for the last 8 years, it's always  "Republicans hate immigration" nothing about the specific fact that it's specially ILLEGAL immigration they are trying to stop.

That's one of the things every Republican should have always done - stopped anyone who asked them about immigration and pointed out that it was ILLEGAL immigration that was bad.

They should start it now. Better late than never.

Many African-Americans Concerned About Obama's Focus on Immigrant Rights
RUSH: Now, let's see. We had Reginald from Atlanta, and Reginald was another in a significant number of African-Americans who have called here over the years embarrassed that so many blacks vote Obama and vote for the Democrat Party. I pointed out that unemployment for both women and African-Americans is higher today than it was when Obama took office in 2009. That's federal government data, by the way. It's not anybody analyzing it. It is actual federal government data. In addition, McClatchy News has a story: "Many African-Americans Concerned About Obama's Focus on Immigrant Rights."
You know, this is a story that is underreported, and it's underreported for a reason, because race is the primary component in the media bias. Given that Obama's a liberal Democrat, given that, add to it that he is black, and that's the primary component of their bias. Don't doubt me on this. What this story is about is a number of African-American groups who are publicly expressing concern about Obama's focus on amnesty. Now, why do you think that is? (interruption) Well, no. Well, partially because they're unemployed.
But it's all about competition to be the number one beneficiary of government benefits. It's about being the top dog minority, and what these African-American groups are upset about is Obama's gonna go out and focus on the illegals. By definition, they're gonna not have jobs and they're need benefits, and these African-American groups are getting jealous. Obama's gonna be more focused on the needs of Hispanics and Latinos than he is blacks. They're getting nervous. They're concerned about his focus on immigrant rights. They might be forgotten, or not forgotten, but they might be relegated to "secondary status," if you will.
And that's happened before, too. That is actually not a new story.

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