Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rush's Immigration Bill

We're a bankrupt country...blame it on two wars and rebuilding countries who don't repay us...blame it on giving welfare immediately to ILLEGALS who haven't done anything to earn it...
We can't pay for anything now and we're going ti reward these guys forbreaking our laws???
RUSH:  I think the president... As I said earlier: Forget the sequester.  That's a distraction, and forget all these other tiny little things that are made to look gigantic.  The thing everybody needs to have their sights set on is 2014 and the House races.  If the Democrats win the House, then it's back to the way it was for Obama's first two years -- and there's nothing, even if they want to, that the Republicans can do legislatively to stop Obama.  If the Democrats win the House, he doesn't have to go the executive order route to get what's he wants.  That's why 2014 House races, that's the next big thing.
I wish it weren't.
The presidential race last November, that was ball game in terms of being able to repeal Obamacare.  Now the House races of 2014, who's gonna control the House, is actually ball game for the kind of country we're gonna be.  Now, I said earlier -- I agree with you -- Obama thinks that there is much more value in doing battle with the Republicans over amnesty than actually getting a bill that grants it.  I think the Democrats have calculated that they'll get many more votes by having the Republicans out there as this mean-spirited, racist, extremist, anti-immigrant bunch than they will get if they get a bill that grants amnesty.
The Democrats begged Obama not to submit his own immigration bill.  The Democrats and the Gang of Eight, those senators went up there. They announced their bill. They all stood there on the podium. They attached their names and their faces to the bill.  What's Obama do?  Obama is here in Florida this weekend playing golf, and his immigration plan is leaked to the USA Today, and his chief of staff is on TV yesterday morning talking about it?  It's not even his, as far as perception is concerned.  It's not Obama's bill.  Obama's picture isn't anywhere near it.  Obama didn't talk about it. He didn't have a big ceremony where he presented it.
It's the administration's immigration bill.  But it was leaked.  It sort of just dribbled out there.  The whole purpose of this bill is to gum up the works.  This is a wrench thrown into the gears, by design.  'Cause I really believe... I'll say it again. I think Obama calculates there are many more votes to get in the 2014 election with the Republicans as the usual bogeymen than there are votes to get by actually passing an immigration reform bill.  Now, some Republicans, on the other hand, they think -- and this is the danger point -- that a panacea for them awaits passage of an immigration bill, and that's where they're dead wrong.
If they think passing an immigration bill with something that looks like amnesty in it is going to result in a massive shift of Hispanic votes for them, then they're listening to the wrong people.  They're listening to the wrong consultants, the wrong advisers. They're listening to the same people who've advised them on nominating the wrong presidential candidates over the years. It would be the same mistake.  What the Republicans need to be doing with immigration in my mind, just off the top of my head here? They need to fight for something they know they can't get simply because they don't have the numbers.
They need to be fighting for something called the sovereignty of United States border. It ought to have something in it like this.  Again, I'm just thinking of the moment, but I'm not thinking about something passing.  I'm thinking about the Republicans needing something to be seen fighting for, even if they are gonna lose it -- and it's something like this: "You know, we've got ten to 12, 20, whatever it is, million immigrants in the country.  We're not talking about deporting 'em.  Nobody is.  But we're gonna lock down this border, and we are going to reestablish this distinct American culture that immigrants in the past came to this country for.

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