Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 Feb 2013, Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Who Really Wants to Watch This?
--Steny Hoyer: We Don't Have a "Spending" Problem; We Have a "Paying for" Problem
--Depraved CNN Pundits Defend Dorner
--Gallup: Obama's Policies are Unpopular
--Media Fears They've Created a Monster
--Regime's Fakery Will Be Exposed Eventually
--The Endless Quest for Fame
--Why Dr. Carson Moved So Many
--Obama's Lies About Romney Worked Because Republicans Were Afraid to Define Obama
Stack of Stuff
--Untrue Esquire Story About SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden
--WaPo Fooled by Parody Palin Story
--Medal of Honor Winner Turns Down Obama Invite
--University Teaches: It's Unfair to be White
--Sir David Attenborough Accused of Snubbing Gay Animals
--DC Ranks First in Extramarital Affairs
--.Many African-Americans Concerned About Obama's Focus on Immigrant Rights...

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