Monday, February 11, 2013

Jobs bill targeted to black Americans?

I caught just a snippet of the BIll O'Reilly show tonight. I don't normally watch him but my dad does, so all I ever do see are snippets as I go into the kitchen on a periodic basis to get a Pepsi...

O'Reilly was talking to a black guy - not sure of his name or position, presumably an economist of some kind.

O'Reilly was saying that Obama hadn't done anything for the black community, their job numbers are still abysmal.

The black guy said Obama should create a jobs program targeted for black Americans...

And I was thinking to myself...why are so many black teenagers out of work?  Is it because they are being discriminated against by white America?

Or is it because most black teenagers drop out of school, or barely skate on faked test results (I think it was in Atlanta that a fantastic turn around in schools actually turned out to be the teachers faking results).

They can't do math, they speak Ebonics rather than English, they don't know manners (and yes, I know most teeenagers don't know any manners) ...could *that* explain why they can't find jobs?

So of what would this job bill consist? "Hire a black person and we'll give you the money to educate him or her up to high school level so that one day they'll actually be able to do the job you give them?"

Does that sound racist? I don't think it is. I have shared a few examples here of African Americans being giving jobs that they weren't qualified for. The test score minimum was lowered so they could be hired, as per Eric Holder's orders.

Don't get me wrong, blacks as a whole are just as smart and ethical and able to do good and achieve as white folks, Asian, Mexican, ...anybody else on the planet. I'm NOT saying otherwise.

All I'm saying is that in the black community, there has long seemed to be a movement afoot to not "accept middleclassness," to be "other."  {They actually excoriate members of their community who *do* accept middle classness, calling them "Uncle Toms" or people who want to be "white" when all they're doing is embracing the American way and working toward getting that brass ring that we all want.}

And when they do that, they shouldn't blame the prejudice of white America when they can't get jobs!

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