Tuesday, February 19, 2013

18 Feb 2013, Rush's headlines from Monday

--Obama's Weekend with Tiger Upsets Press
--Obama's Governing Philosophy: Plausible Deniability
--Jesse Jr. Pulls a Torch
--Fight Over Amnesty with Republicans is Worth More to Obama Than Amnesty
--Illustrating the Humorlessness of the Left
--The Obamacare Time Bomb
--Redefining the Low-Information Voter
--Caller to Host: Berate GOP Guests
--CNN Goes Upscale Celeb Trash
--My Immigration Bill: Sovereignty and Assimilation
--Overblown Sequester Hysteria
Stack of Stuff
--NYC's Free Condom Plan Turns Five
--Dr. Jerry Buss Passes Away
--Global Warming Activists Protest in Freezing Cold Washington...

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