Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Of course poor people need pets!

Just saw an article about poor people getting "pet food stamps" and of course there's outrage because the organization running it is try to get federal (i.e. taxpayer) funding.

Well, on the face of it I suppose you could be outraged, but think about it...

Where do OUR taxpayer dollars go now? To fund a program in some African country to teach the males to wash their genitals before sex? (Or after sex? I forget which one. In any event, apparently they were trying to see if this would prevent AIDS, and just handing out free condoms didn't seem to occur.)

Then there's the study of prostitute behavior in some other foreign country to see what can be done to make the sex worker profession more safe.

All these ridiculous things.

Then we've got people, poor people, and they've got a kid and they want a puppy or a cat or something but they can't afford to feed it. I say, go for it.

Obviously I don't think our taxes should go to feed Great Danes or Mastiffs or more than 3 dogs in any one home - in the same way we shouldn't be paying for any kids born *after* a person goes on welfare -  get an education first, get off the temporary stopgap that welfare was supposed to be - and *then* start or resume your family. But if you're accepting tax payer funds, you have no right to increase our burden by continuing to have kids.

Get a dog instead. Much less expensive, and provides unconditional love. Will never break your heart when they turn into teenagers!

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