Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 Feb Rush headlines

A day late, sorry.

--"Fairness" and Phil Mickelson
--It's Only February and I'm Already One of HuffPo's Worst People of 2013
--CBO Update: Obamacare Will Cost $1.3T, Account for 53% of All Federal Spending -- and 7 Million People Will Lose Insurance
--Media Puts Chris Christie in Grave
--Caller: GOP Wants to Wreck the Country
--Liberals Nervous Over Sequester
--The Regime Will Entertain Your Questions on How and When It Kills American Citizens
stack of stuff
--Ahmadinejad Says Iran Has Bomb
--Kids Lose Fingers in Tug-of-War... The Fruit of the Arab Spring?
--Shocking Pre-School Sex Story... Oreo Teams Up with Krispy Kreme
--Push to Federally Legalize Pot
--Kid Suspended for Pretend Game
--Student Turned in for Desktop Gun Photo
--Kim K. Tweets Pretty Pistol Pic

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