Friday, February 22, 2013

"He's white and rich" so he'll get off

I've been reading the messages left on the news reports of the Oscar Pistorius tragedy in South Africa...the tragedy of a young woman being killed by a boyfriend, mark you... Pistorious has admitted to shooting his girlfriend while she was in the bathroom... with the door locked. He says he thought it was an intruder in his home. I say he lived in a gated community and had to know his girlfriend wasn't in bed with him and why shoot 4 times, anyway? But all the folks are saying, "He's rich and white, so he'll get off." I've pointed out a couple of times that he may be white but he lives in black-ruled South Africa, so his whiteness cuts no ice. But it's interesting that that's what everyone's saying. White guilt is being inculcated into us... I didn't share it a few days ago but there are now apparently *two* universities that have classes teaching college students that white people only get what they've got because their white...interesting both schools are in cities that have only a few percentage points of black population...

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