Friday, February 1, 2013

1 Feb 2013, Fri, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Obama Shrunk Private Sector by 8.5M Jobs
--Gay Community Update: Super Bowl Edition
--Beyonce Lip-Synched to Make Obama Proud
--The Value of Low-Information Outreach
--There are Reasons for Optimism
--Washington Discovers Chuck Hagel Isn’t Brilliant (But We Knew a Decade Ago)
--Christie Praises Obama Again
--Schumer's Red Flag on Border Security
--What Taxes Will Obama Raise Next?
--El Rushbo's Super Bowl Pick
--Women in Combat... and Selective Service?
Stack of Stuff
--CNN: Super Bowl Stress Can Kill You
--Soledad Show Cancelled Because Audience is "Too Ethnic"
-- Kerry: Obama Offered Me the Job a Week Before Susan Rice Pulled Out
-- Scott Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Seat
--NYT Finds Fault with Hagel

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