Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Low Information People - the Death of America

Rush was talking yesterday (Tuesday), about the "low information news" that the networks give us these days.

I'll go further than that and say it's all deliberate. Take a look at every single channel - if you get cable or satellite. Doesn't matter if its AMC, CBS, the Sci Fi channel or what have you. Every single one has "reality series" these days.

Yes, they're cheapter to make than real TV series where you have to pay actors the big bucks... but these things are such utter garbage...and yet people must watch them.

Then there's the utter, utter garbage of shows like Maury Povich and others, where women whose husbands have cheated on them with their sisters or mothers or what have you, come on and have shouting matches while an actual audience starts shouting too, or giving *their* advice, but no doubt hoping for a couple of big ol' fat women to have a catfight. Which happens quite a bit if the trailers for the episodes are to be believed.

That method of solving problems is being inculcated into our youth as *the* method of solving problems, which is so evil.

I mean, come on. You husband cheats on you with your sister - what is their to discuss? Kick them both out. End of problem.

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