Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just how dangerous is South Africa?

If you look at the Oscar Pistorius situation objectively (he's the double amputee who shot his girlfriend in their home in a gated compound in the city of Pretoria.)

I checked Pretoria at Wikipedia and it doesn't list any crime statistics. I think Johannesburg is the crime capital of the world these days as regards murders and car jackings...

Point is this. If you live in a gated compound, why would your first thought about someone moving in your bathroom be a burglar rather than the girlfriend who is not in bed with you?

Pistorius says he didn't have his legs on and so felt very vulnerable, which is why he shot through a closed door instead of teling whoever was in the bathroom to come out with their hands up. (ANd of coures if it had been a crook, they could have had a gun and shot through the door on *their* end - but with a heckuva less chance of hitting someone. Especially if Pistorius had put himself on the other side of the bed frm the door of the bathroom to use that for cover.)

No...I'm inclined to think that Pistorius shot into the bthroom because his girlfriend made him angry, and ended up killing her.

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