Monday, October 31, 2011

A Payout Doesn't Mean Someone's Guilty

In our skewed legal system, paying someone money to quash a lawsuit not not automatically mean that the payer is guilty and that the payee deserves the money.

Lawsuits cost money, and there are plenty of amublance-chasing lawyers who will start lawsuits for free - collecting their 50% or more after they've got a settlement for their client.

Businesses have insurance for just such eventualities - and insurance companies will typically pay a certain sum of money to quash the lawsuit, so they don't have to pay double or triple that amount defending themselves in court. They then might come out the winner - but only after losing a substantial amount of money.

That's why when somebody sues somebody else, they go after everybody even tangentially related to the original incident, because they want to tap as many pockets as they can.

(Pretty soon we'll be at the point where the parents of somebody who kills somebody else by DUI, will be sued for not educating their child better not to drink and drive.)

So now we've got the fact that Herman Cain was accused of sexual harrassment and apparently payouts were made to the women who accused him. Interesting that that's coming out now, when he's so popular, instead of at the very beginning of his campaign.

In any event, sexual harrasment is not rape, and we all know Bill Clinton was accused many times of sexual harrasment to no avail. And when he finally was found to have shtooped (I believe that's the term) dozens of women while in office, no one on the Democrat side cared.

Rush had a lot to say about the subject today - he at least is defending Cain, and chastizing other Republicans for not coming to the man's defense.

I hope this does not negatively impact Cain's campaign. And why should it. Let's say he "did" harass a couple of women 20 years ago - lawsuit was brought, penalty was paid, now he knows better. Surely people are allowed to learn from their mistakes? Now...if someone stepped forward today and accused him, that'd be different.

Just goes to show...if you're a politician, you'd better lead a squeaky clean life because any past mistakes will come back to bite you in the butt, and depending on if you're a Democrat or a Republican, end your political career.

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