Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 Oct 2011, Tue, Rush Limbaugh Headlines

--Herman Cain Ads on This Show Do Not Constitute an Endorsement
--A Few Words on the Accuracy of the Conservative Intelligentsia
--Rick Perry's Tax Plan is Great
--Democrats and the Middle Class
--Food Fight! Paula Deen vs. Moochelle
--Bam Drops Jobs Push, Switches to More Mortgage Meddling
--Steve Jobs and the Death Tax
--Caller Picks Strange Day to Say We Don't Criticize Republicans
--Sarah Palin: Kingmaker?
--Steve Wynn Unleashed
--What the Tea Party Started in 2010 is Waiting to be Taken to the Landslide Bank in 2012
--A Huckster Fan Still Smarting
Rush's Stack of Stuff
--Ohio Democrat Sues Over Election Loss
--Romney Waffles on Support for Kasich Union Reform
--Is El Rushbo Too Nice?

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