Thursday, January 24, 2013

Should Phil Mickelson have apologized for complaining about taxes?

For my part, I wonder why he brought up his taxes in the first place!

Why do people "in the news" like athletes or golfers (I'm sorry, golf is not a sport!) feel like they've got to share their personal lives with the public.

Yes, if your wife has cancer and you're going to start a foundation to combat that cancer, mention it. But if you're going to move from California to some other state because your taxes are outrageous -don't mention the reason!

I suppose in a sense it could be seen as insensitive. 40% of a gazillion dollars is still more money in one *paycheck* then most people will make in a year, so don't expect the Joe Schmoes living on less than $20,000 a year to care that you're having 60% of your earnings taken in taxes...

Obviously it's not right - don't get me wrong - just don't expect people who have to get by on a helluva lot less to have any sympathy for you when you make all that money playing a game!

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