Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 Jan 2013, Wed, Rush Limbaugh Headlines

--Liberals Misread Rubio Interview
--Your Host Will Not Abandon You
--Navy SEALs Remind Us What's Still Possible
--Amazon Praised for Losing Money
--Wizards of Smart Surprised by Shrinking Economy
--Ray Lewis: What Difference Does It Make?
--Why the Regime Wants Your W-2 to Tell You Exactly How Much Your Employer is Paying for Your Health Insurance
Stack of Stuff
--Teenage Girl Who Attended Obama Inaugural Shot Dead in Chicago
--Ex-Playboy CEO Blames Murder Rise on Climate Change
--Leaked UN Climate Report: Global Warming Overestimated
--NAACP Leader: Blacks Doing Worse Under Obama
--Top Frozen Pizza Makers Accused of Poisoning Customers...

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