Friday, January 25, 2013

Houston Four Seasons Sues the NAALCP

This is kind of funny:

RUSH: Houston's Four Seasons Hotel is suing the NAALCP, the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People. Wait 'til you hear about this. This is typical. "Houston's Four Seasons Hotel is suing the NAACP, claiming the association owes the hotel almost $100,000 ... for a summer banquet. The lawsuit claims that the NAACP owes the Four Seasons $99,597 for various unpaid charges from July to November for an event held at the downtown hotel...

"The suit alleges that the payment was due on Nov. 27 and remains unpaid after a second request for payment in December of last year. An invoice submitted as evidence shows banquet charges of $34,401 and $39,909 in room charges, among other items on the list. The hotel claims the entire bill was not paid." Who do they think they are? What do they mean, "paid"? The hotel didn't get the memo that this is a donation?

You're telling me the Four Seasons had an NAALCP convention and expected to get paid? What kind of bias is that? You see, this is the kind of racism that is way, way, way too frequent in this country, and it's way too blatant, and it is way too obvious. I mean, it's one thing to quietly expect to be paid. That's typically racist. But then to file a lawsuit and call people's attention to it?

This is why African-Americans vote Democrat, and the sooner the Republicans figure this out, the faster they're gonna be able to repair the breach. This hotel... Whoever runs this hotel's gonna have to go back to training or something, 'cause you don't expect to get paid when the NAALCP has a convention. Talk to the people who have hosted Al Sharpton events. It just doesn't happen. Those are called donations, contributions.

The Four Seasons didn't get the memo on that.

It will be interesting to find out the whole story.

Of course the NAACP is not the only one who doesn't pay their bills. There's the Cardinals baseball coach who borrowed several millions to take advantage of a real estate boom, except real estate crashed and he stopped making payments, and now he';s disputing how much he owes... all kinds of things like that going around these days.

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