Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jan 11, 2013 , Friday, headlines from Rush

Sorry about being late with these, I had a hectic several days last week!

--Low-Info News (Now With Update Theme!)
--My New Year's Resolution Could Be Doomed Because I Just Cannot Be Boring
--Rolls-Royce Sales Spike? So What?
--Media Blames Flu for Economic Downturn
--Happy Birthday, El Rushbo!
--Guess What? Digitized Health Records Don't Save Any Money Like Obama Promised
--Regime Press Propagandists Only Cover Stories They Think Will Harm Republicans
--Flashback: Pelosi Claimed Jobless Benefits Were Economic Stimulus
--Man Sets House Mouse Free Only to See It Killed by a Hawk
--Think You're Stupid
--Republicans Begin Gun Cave

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