Tuesday, January 29, 2013

28 Jan 2013, Rush Limbaugh headlines

A day late with these, apologies.

--Obama Opens Second Term the Same Way He Started First... Talking About Me
--The President of the United States Tries to Goad Me Into Saying Something Extreme (Like That Would Ever Happen)
--See, I Told You So: Obama Hastens the End of Football
--Smiley and West: Rush Is Right
--Bob Costas Missed the Point
--The Rest of the Country Doesn't Know Sandy Victims are Still Suffering
--Fear Rules the GOP on Immigration
--Low-Information America Trusts Barack Obama to Run Things He Has No Clue About
--CBS News Trashes the Constitution
Stack of Stuff
--US Evacuates Cairo Embassy
--"Your Freedom is Likely to be Someone Else's Harm"
--Norway Data: Global Warming Less Severe Than Feared...

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