Friday, January 25, 2013

25 Jan 2013, Fri, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Federal Appeals Court Tells Obama He Violated the Constitution and Abused Power
--Sandy Victims Shivering in the Cold?
--The Sports Media Jihad Against Mickelson
--Tahrir Square, Two Years Later
--"Enlightened" Liberals Compare Every Issue to Slavery Because of Spielberg's Lincoln
--NFL Faces Jerome Boger Controversy
--Dems Set Sights on Texas
--Didn't We Do Women in Combat in the '90s?
--Macs, PCs and Viruses
Stack of Stuff
--Houston Four Seasons Sues the NAALCP
--Obamacare Adds Smoking Penalty to Your Insurance Premium
--Fight Breaks Out at East St. Louis Food Stamp Office
--Hilarious! Fournier Worries Obama Set Expectations Too High
--Communists Cheer Obama's Gun Grab

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