Thursday, January 24, 2013

My goodness Windows 8 sucks

I've probably complained about it before now and I'll probably complain about it again...

All new computers these days are sold with Windows 8 and it is just awful.

So many things people used to be able to do that were so they're not even going to know what used to be possible!

I mean, my dad has a McAfee license for three computers. When we bought my mom's new computer it came with Norton, which we never installed. We installed McAfee instead. But Norton kept popping up with a dialog box saying, "Install now, renew now, ya da ya da," and my mom, who is not that up on computers, kept getting all worried that her computer was at risk, etc.

So...if you don't know how to get to the Control Panel and remove Norton from your computer, how are you ever supposed to do it in Windows 8? Folks new to computers who only know Windows 8 won't even know what a Control Panel is or how powerful it is!

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