Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 Jan 2012, Thurs, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--The News Low-Information America Wants to Hear About: Kim Kardashian is Pregnant!
--Obama Gets GOP Confession: Fiscal Cliff Deal "Enshrines Principle" That Tax Cuts Hurt the Economy
--Cliff Deal Left Asset Wealthy Untouched
--Searching for Something Positive Amid the Theatrics
--The Left's Refrain: It's All Limbaugh's Fault!
--Algore Sells TV Station to Al-Jazeera
--Nobody Cares About Economic History
Stack of Stuff
--Tech Blog Libs Have No Idea What Happened in Benghazi
--Matt Damon Makes Anti-Fracking Movie, But IS NOT an Idiot
--Twit: Unemployment Benefits Will Result in Economic Growth

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