Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zimmerman/Martin/Obama - Hannity Forums vs Huffington Post

It's interesting to see how people who have the exact same access to the exact same information can see things differently - and it can only be due to people's ideological beliefs.

Now, I didn't pay much attention to the Zimmerman trial, I admit. What I *did* see was that whenever the media showed a photo of Trayvon Martin, they showed one where he was 8 years old or so, not the 17 year old teenager he was at the time of his death. What I *did* see was the President of the US saying that if he had a son he could look like Trayvon Martin....etc. etc. What I did see was that Zimmerman, thanks to his name, was not characterized as a Latino but as a "white Latino."....etc. etc.

So, Zimmerman was voted not guilty - and I admit I don't understand why it was left up to only 6 people - and apparently all white women though I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere. I thought a jury had to have 12 people on it?

In any event, most folks - at least those posting on etc., see this as a fair verdict and are outraged that African-Americans are outraged and saying that Martin was the victim and it was a racist verdict, etc. and that the African American community sees nothing odd about castigating white America for the death of Trayvon Martin but don't say *anything* about the dozens of black kids killed practically every month in other blacks.

So the President didn't attempt to calm things down when he spoke a couple of days ago - he clearly thinks the verdict was an unjust one and that racism still exists in the USA - and of course to him and the African American community racism is only a "white" crime... and Hannity took him to task for that.

So I went to Huffington Post today which had an article about the "disgusting" things that Hannity had said about the President's speech - pointing out that 35 years ago Obama was doing drugs too - and every comment was agreeing with the HuffPo article that Hannity was out of line and that Republicans are racist and that the African American community is just one humongous victim of white America.

(This despite the fact that statistics show - if only those folks would read them - that 90% of all black deaths are not caused by whites murdering them but by *blacks* murdering them.  Why are Sharpton and Jackson and the President not talking about *that*?)

I don't remember seeing the statistics of what percentage of white deaths are caused by blacks as opposed to whites...that'd be interesting to see, too. (Which is not to say that whites don't go around killing each other, obviously they do - I'm just talking about percentages.)

Sure, there are whites who are prejudiced against blacks - if you read the CBS Sports message boards that's on display every single day - but there is no *institutional* racism - that is out the window. After all, how many educational institutions give black athletes chance after chance after chance after chance to make good, as long as they are good football players. (And white players too, of course, Johnny  Manziel (the idiot Heisman trophy winner who thinks that because he's 20 he should be able to get drunk whenever he feels like it, secure in the knowledge that because he plays football all of his pecadilloes will be glossed over ) being a prime example of someone who shouldn't have even been playing last year!). White firefighters can't get raises because not enough black firefighters did, test scores have to be lowered for various civil service jobs because not enough blacks were getting in so of course expecting them to know math was just racist....the list goes on.

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