Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Racist reaction or media-caused assumption?

A few days ago, some baseball pitcher, whose name I can't recall, was reported at to have been "jumped" by some folks in Cleveland. (The news has disappeared from the CBSSports site today and I don't want to go look for it.)

People who commented on the story did so under the assumption that it had been African Americans who had jumped the pitcher, who was white.

Why did they make that assumption?  Well, because the race of the attackers wasn't given, and it happened in Cleveland. When the media reports on assaults or other types of crimes, and does not mention the race - which they invariably do if the crooks are white - more often than not the perpetrators are minorities.

So a day or so later more news came out about this pitcher - actually he hadn't been "jumped," he'd been in a bar, got into a fight, and apparently lost. Again we weren't told the race of the person whom he'd fought and lost to, but *then* the assumption was made that it was someone who was white, and all the comments were, "where are all the racist creeps now who were saying he'd been jumped by a black person? Don't they feel stupid now."

Well, perhaps they may feel stupid, but should they?  Isn't it the politically correct media that is to blame whenever someone jumps t the conclusion that the attacker of a white person was black or Latino?  Because - that is the way they consistently report news, as I stated above - if it's white on minority crime they are very quick to state that it's white on minority crime - if it's minority on white or minority on minority, not so much.

Case in point, this piece of news:

The article shares several photos of the alleged perpetrator, who is clearly African-American, but nowhere in the written article is this stated!!!!!
All we get is this description:
"The new video shows the assailant buying a drink at a nearby store. He wore a black or brown golf visor and a white T-shirt over a sagging pair of blue denim shorts, officials said. He is believed to be in his late 20s, about 6-feet tall and 180 pounds."
Well, gee, that description is just so helpful, isn't it. He's also African-American, and at the time of the assault had a close-shaved beard. Shouldn't at least one of those factors have been mentioned???

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