Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who would still vote for Anthony Weiner?

Anthony Weiner was forced to resign a couple of years ago as congressman because he was sexting naked pictures of himself to women and was stupid enough to send these photos to his entire mailing list.

Then he *lied* and said his account was hacked before admitting that no, it was actually him.

(Why didn't he go to jail for lying about a crime - hacking is a crime!)

His wife forgave him, and stuck by him.

Then, he decided to run for Mayor of New York.

Surely it was in his mind all along to return to the political arena.

So you would have thought that he would have STOPPED sexting women!

If he needed an extra bed partner you would have thought he would have found one whom he could trust to be discreet. He'd pay her great sums for sex and in return she'd never come out into the open and ruin his political career. That'd be a risk, but it would be much less risk than CONTINUING to sext with women while you're working to get back into politics!!!!

On the one hand guys are guys. (And women are women). They have affairs. You'd think they'd be smart enough to handle their own birth control to ensure they don't impregnate their mistresses and thus have to spend the rest of their lives doling out child support for kids they'll never see. But that is apparently beyond most men.

Should a "cheating scandal" derail one's political career? Perhaps not.

But surely, SURELY, being STUPID should derail one's career.

Anthony Weiner was STUPID. He continued in the same behavior that got him caught before and he actually thought that the women he was setting wouldn't reveal all if they could get the right price from the National Enquirer?

As for his wife? Well..gee. If she wants to stick with that scumbag that's her business, but how anyone could respect her for being a doormat.... it didn't stop Hillary Clinton's rise to power and that has always puzzled me, I admit. But I've never had any respect for her and certainly have none for Weiner's wife.

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