Friday, September 13, 2013

Anyone having fun with the Microsoft Office 2010 patch?

I'd been working on my laptop two days ago like I normally do, then turned it off because I had to go into town for a few hours. I was annoyed to see that it was installing automatic updates - I'd wanted to take it with me, but I didn't have time to wait.

So I left my laptop, confident in the fact that as soon as I returned home I'd be able to return to it right where I left off. After all, while I never knew what those stupid updates were for - they were obviously improvements of some kind to my system - why else would they do them?

Imagine my horror when I came home, booted up my computer, and found that all my Microsoft Word icons had turned bright orange. I tried to open a couple, only to be told that "the application used to create this file is not on this computer." and "download here."

I got home late, and after seeing that debacle was not in the mood to do anything but go to bed, but the next morning I started researching and discovered that the Microsoft Patches sent out the previous day had played havoc with thousands of people running Microsoft Office 2010.

Fortunately I found the Microsoft Community ( which had a thread on it, and the fix turned out to be an easy one - for me. Other folks were having  a harder time.

But this is just ridiculous. How could Microsoft send out these patches that  would discombobulate files the way they did? Talk about inept.

Normallly I'm not a fan of class-action lawsuits, but a lot of people who faced hours of downtime and stress because they couldn't get their software packages to work for 2 days certainly have a case here...

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