Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why is the media obsessing on the NBA player's sexuality?

I missed Rush's show today but on the transcription from his site, one of the headlines is Obsession over NBA player's sex life.

And I will say that the thought of the President of the US calling this guy gave him an importance he didn't really deserve --- not to mention annoying a lot of black religious leaders who are homophobic...

If you read the Hannity.com message boards there's the same reaction: "these gays are always forcing us to know their sexuality..."

That's not strictly true. At the recent NFL combine, college players were actually asked if they were gay!

And of course more than one athlete has come out and said they don't want a gay athlete on their team. (Probably projection...they know they'd have sex with any woman who showed an interest...or *didn't* show an interest, either! and they assume a gay football player would be just as randy and just as uncontrolled in their sexual urges.)

The truth is simple - gays are just like straights. There are some who want to marry for love, there are some who want to marry so they can get benefits - just like straights do.

People are people. They just want to be happy.

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