Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sequester

Rush has explained this many time.... the cuts are coming from *new* money allocated every year, not old money that still goes to various places, so these cuts are ridiculous.

From Rush today:
The sequester, by the way, or "seekester," as pronounced by Sheila Jackson Lee from your state, from Houston, the sequester is Obama's idea.  They're trying to blame the Republicans for it, but the sequester as a strategy, as a procedure, the sequester was Barack Obama's idea.  Now, the decision here, the FAA, which is the Obama regime, to reduce air traffic controllers, is to blame Republicans.  This is all political.
This is an effort -- you know it, I know it, everybody in this audience knows it -- it is an effort to have low-information people get ticked off over flight delays and crowded airplanes and all the other things that happen when there are aircraft slowdowns, airline slowdowns, so that they end up blaming Republicans for this, because everything is about 2014.  Everything, folks, is about 2014.  Let me give you a reason why.  Thanks, Bob, for the call.  I appreciate it.
A little story here from Bloomberg News: "The top 1 percent of U.S. taxpayers would pay 67 percent of the higher taxes called for in 2023 under President Barack Obama’s budget proposal, according to an analysis released today by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in Washington." So in 2023, 10 years from now, according to projections, if the Democrats are not stopped -- this is why 2014 is so important to us, just as it's so important to Obama, the Democrats, 2014 to them is winning the House.  When they win the House, they have one-party government.  There's no stopping them.  Just like they had one party government for the first two years of Obama's regime, 2009 and 2010.
But back then, Obama had to worry about the midterm elections and he had to worry about reelection. So even though they did some radicalized stuff, it still took very long and a lot of effort and a bunch of chicanery to get Obamacare passed.  This time, if they win the House in 2014, there's no stopping 'em, and there's no worries about anything.  They're gonna think the Democrats will hold the White House in 2016, the Republicans woven a chance.  If amnesty has happened, then the Democrats win in 2016 probably by default.  If the Democrats win the House in 2014, legislation will be rubber-stamped.  It won't even have to be debated very long and the votes will be automatic, the Democrats will control everything.
So whatever Obama and the Democrats want to do starting in 2014, nothing to stop them.  And if they aren't stopped in 10 years, the top 1% of the population would be paying 67% of all taxes, on paper.  Now, if it ever really came to that, a lot of the top 1% would chuck it and stop working and wouldn't be paying any taxes, because they're gonna say, "Why the hell am I gonna continue to work if I have to give up 70 cents of every dollar I earn, what is the point?"  But the Democrats don't score any of this stuff dynamically.  They do it in a very static way, and they just assume that every taxpayer's gonna sit there and take it, tax rate goes to 70%, nothing changes, everybody keeps working, stays at their job.  Of course there would be rampant new unemployment because of that, but on paper the top 1% would be paying 67% of all taxes.  So 2014 really is huge.

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