Saturday, November 19, 2016

Arrogance on display

I'm watching Florida State vs Syracuse Football.

Florida State is winning 14 0 in the first quarter.

So number 44 for Florida States makes a tackle. He immediately stands up, runs a few feet away from the rest of the crowd, then folds his arms and stands there posing for several seconds, as if to say, "Look at me! Look at me!"

I'd just like to slap the guy and say, hey, there's three quarters left in this game. Why don't you just go high five your teammates and go back to the sideline instead of poncing around like you're the only football player who has ever made a tackle?

He's just emulating the pros, of course.

Why are people not tuning in to football like they used to?  Maybe because people are tired of seeing all this posing and poor sportsmanship.

(Actually, I doubt it. Considering how half the country behaves, they probably think these idiots strutting around, 'stylin', etc. are cool. Or, "the bomb," to use what I think is the current slang expression.  Or at least, I think 10 years ago that was the equivalent of being "cool." God knows what teens say today.

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