Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OT: Rucksack Appeal: A UK chairty

For my readers in the UK, I thought I'd feature this charity for the homeless, located in the UK, that I thought was pretty interesting. (And there's no reason why my US readers can't help out as well if you feel so inclined.

The Rucksack Appeal is a charity whose goal is to collect rucksacks (or backpacks, as we say in the States), fill them full of necessities, and give them to the homeless.

Their URL is http://www.aokrucksackappeal.org.uk/.

They've been working for a couple of years now to help the homeless in the UK, and are putting together a variety of charitable events to help raise funds to fill rucksacks, such as holding a poetry competition, an art exhibit that sounds pretty interesting - it will focus on all aspects of homelessness and be held in St Stephens church Bournemouth at the beginning of July.(See their website for more details).

The Kaiser Chiefs, an Indie Rock band, are also going to help them out on the night of Feb 10, 2015. (Remember the English put their day before the month). They'll be asking for donations outside the the concert at the BIC.

So, if you're Anglophiles, or if you're in England, check out the Rucksack Appeal and help them (and help out the homeless) if you can.

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