Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rush on Obamacare

I don't have time to write much tonight, so I'm going to share a longer snippet of a transcription form Rush's site:

Will comment on this appropriately after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Well, here we are, folks, on November 27th, and the real turkey is nowhere near ready yet.  That's the Obamacare website.  In fact, it isn't gonna be ready on November 30th.  They said it would be.  They said it'd be fixed and then they said it would be ready for 80% load, and now they are saying that it's not gonna be ready on November 30th, and Kathleen Sebelius is now saying that she never said it would be.  So we just dreamed all that.

It's kind of like Mark Halperin of TIME Magazine.  One of these guys that goes on campaigns with candidates, gets a lot of information, and saves it all for a book after the election.  He learns things that could have impact on elections, but he saves them, and then he publishes them with his buddy, John Heilemann, in books that follow the election.  And Mark Halperin was on with Steve Malzberg the other day at in which he said that Obamacare has death panels and that are there people that are gonna determine who gets treated and who doesn't, that there will be rationing.
And everybody picked up on that because of course the Regime has been denying from day one that there were death panels, and Sarah Palin, of course, coined the phrase.  So now Halperin is saying (paraphrasing), "No, I never said that.  I never said death panels.  I never said that."  But he did, and he clearly implied it.  He's a highly reputed journalist within the realm of reputed journalists.

Now, we all heard the Regime say their website was gonna be ready on November 30th.  We all heard it.  We heard Sebelius say it.  We heard Obama say it, after he said he didn't know it wasn't working.  The fact of the matter is -- and there's even more documentation of this today -- Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News, the Regime knew in 2010 that everything that's happening was going to happen.  Yeah, Malzberg said to Halperin, " Alright, so you believe that there will be rationing, AKA death panels." And Halperin said, "It's built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled."

Well, we've all known this from the beginning.  It's right in the plan, for anybody that's read it.  And Obama even admitted it. If you recall that woman at the ABC prime time special from the White House who stood up and asked the president if it'd be okay for her mom to get a pacemaker, she's a hundred years old. The woman wanted to know if Obamacare would pay for it because of her mother's spirit and will to live, and Obama said (paraphrasing), "Nope, nope, we can't take things like that into account. We can't accommodate for a will to live or spirit."  I'm paraphrasing. "At some point we're just gonna have to give 'em the pain pill and tell 'em to enjoy the rest of their lives."

I said this over and over.  I was literally stunned that in the United States of America a citizen was even asking anybody in government, much less the president, if her mother would be treated medically.  A citizen of the United was actually asking the president if her mother would get a pacemaker at a hundred years of age under Obama's plan.  Folks, no president ought to ever be involved in that kind of a family decision.  Government's got no business being there, but, boy, there was Obama just eager as he could to say nope, can't take that into account.  Will to live, spirit, too nebulous, too hard to measure.  Just give 'em the pain pill.

What he meant was, we can't afford to give 100-year-old people pacemakers, and that's the death panel, that's the rationing.  It clearly is there, and there's this board called the IPAB, and it's a bunch of people assigned by the health care act to actually make these decisions.  So after confirming, yeah, death panels, yeah, it's built into the plan, it's not like a guess or like a judgment.  That's gonna be part of how costs are controlled.  Now, Halperin knew this when the bill was being debated. 

This is my point. All these people in the media knew this.  This is one of the many ways they shielded Obama from any vetting or any scrutiny or his bill.  They knew.

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