Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Media Has a Lot to Answer For

I've got another blog, Devolution Media, which I post in occasionally, in which I document the "devolution" of values - American or otherwise! - thanks to mass media.

I was just on my channel 2 - dont' know what the network is - but it was a commercial in between some kind of Spiderman cartoon.

It was an animated commercial, and shows a boy - of course - who "runs hard, plays hard" in his Skechers shoes. So he skateboards into the classroom, brushing past his teacher, jumps into his desk and places his feet on top of the desk, and immediately the girl sitting in front of him turns around, puts her hands under her chin and gazes at him adoring.

The message: Boys are athletic, and boys who are athletic get the girls and can be as rude as they want because that's cool.

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