Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can the Trayvon Martin/Christopher Lane cases be compared?

The Christopher Lane case - the white Australian who was shot in the back by three bored teenagers - 2 black and one apparently half-black - is being discussed on the Hannity forums.

Some folks compare it to the Trayvon Martin case and wonder where Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and President Obama are.

Others say the comparison isn't valid because *these* three shooters are in jail, whereas Zimmerman was questioned for three hours but then let free because the police didn't think he'd done anything wrong, he'd shot Martin in self-defense, and probably would have done so regardless of Martin's skin color.

I'm in the camp that compares this with the Trayvon Martin case, just because of the media scrutiny. Where is it?  Where are Al Sharpton, Jackson and the President on this issue?  What would their reaction have been if the victim had been black and the shooters white?

Obviously, there is white on black crime. But not all white on black crime is racist.  But it seems like when there is black on white crime, it is *never* considered to be racist. (By that I mean - the media never reports it that way, and Sharpton and Jackson never seem to point it out.).

How many innocent black folks have died in Chicago - killed by other black folks, since Trayvon Martin died?  What is being done about that?

Profiling apparently goes on in a lot of American cities, and the African-American community is outraged. But the thing is - more blacks than white are poor, the poor more often commit violent crimes, so it only makes sense to profile them.

(Having said that, since more whites than blacks have jobs, it follows that more white collar crime - crimes committed by people who don't *have* to steal to survive but do it just because they want more money for more luxuries) are committed by whites.  I'm not saying that *only* the poor commit crimes - we need only look to Wall Street to see that *that* isn't true!), just that when you're trying to combat crime certain methods are effective, if they were allowed to be used.

Want to stop profiling? Work within your community to stop it at the source!

As for stopping Wall Street Crime and white collar crime...well, who knows what solution there is there...perhaps no more country club prisons, for a start.

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