Sunday, June 16, 2013

OT: On Page SEO, by MR Vullhorst

I've got a website for women in aviation that hasn't been doing so well. I never thought to do anything about it until a couple of weeks ago when there was all that froo fer ra about Google's Penguin 2.0. That brought Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to my mind, and I decided I'd look into it and decide if I should try SEO on my site (, by the way!).

On page always comes before off-page SEO, apparently. If your website isn't set up right, it doesn't matter how much off page links you create, search engines won't rank you very high.

The book is laid out in a chronological manner, which I liked, and I started seeing my mistakes immediately. Better than that, they were easy fixes, since I'd created the site myself and could therefor go in and change the code.

(Oh, how I wish I'd done it on a content management system years ago...but what can you do?)

Anyway, this book just covers on page SEO... the author makes it clear that off page SEO is so complex that it needs more than a single book to do it justice.

But this is a start for me...that and adding more content. Adding new content on a regular basis is a must.

So if you've got a website that isn't doing too good for you, check out this book. (There's a second ebook in the back, which explains about SEO and the importance of off page optimization, too.)

And if you're looking for the best SEO training course, Vullhorst is offering one called

Once I get my site all fixed up...the skies the limit!

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